And the Gates open !

I'm stunned by these new boards annoucements for Arduino & Audio :

1 - Leonardo: Say hello to a new level for us Midi equipment makers. No doubt that in the very near future the capability of the board to be USB-modded will lead to us being able to make our own USB powered midi interfaces, w/o having to purchase a FTI programmer and re-burn the board like we have to do on our regular boards. That's AWESOME !

2 - DUE Say hello to horsepower ! 32 bits @ 95Mhz computation will deliver us audio enthusiasts brand new capabilities to dig into embedded audio synthesis. We'll eventually be able to sample audio at high rate and have CPU headroom to do complex filtering w/o remorse :)

I'm very excited about those noew products, can't wait to have some in my little hands!

My god! Just think about it : Arduino leonardo detected as a Soundcard!

So many applications, like using this oscilloscope software, or simply making it a Synth...

Where can I find the official information on these products, and also the release of ICD1.00?


I am looking forward to making a sound synthesizer with the Due.
I am not looking forward to telling all those beginners that there is less than 100mA total output to drive LEDs from it. However, I don’t think it will be a beginners model.