Andrey Kaprov`s HT1632 16x24 library mod to 3208, question


I am quite new to the arduino word and would like to use my only HT1632c 32x08 Sure matrix display with Andrey Kaprovs library (Thanks!). ( which is for HT1632 24x16 setup.I have managed to make it work with the c chip with changing syson command to sysen, but still after I have changed the HT1632_GEOMETRY_X and Y according to my matrix in the h file, the last quarter of display doesnt work. Please could somebody advise how the library needs to be modified in order to it can work with 32x08 setup?

Thank you a lot in advance.

Any ideas where the problem can be and why the library doesn`t work with the 3208 matrix?
Thank you!


I am starting a new project using the HT1632C. Although I understand its logic, and how to use a single chip, I have some questions about the cascading mode of this chip. Can anyone tell me how many HT1632C chips can we cascade? How does the Master HT1632C knows I am "talking" to a slave?


Hi, i don't know if this is solved or not but i suggest you use this library: for a 32x08 HT1632 led matrix, nothing has to be modified about it as far as i know. If you have a 24x16 HT1632 led matrix you have to change next values of this library:
#define COM_SIZE 8 => #define COM_SIZE 16
#define OUT_SIZE 32 => #define OUT_SIZE 24
(scroll down a bit)
#define GET_ADDR_FROM_X_Y(_x,_y) ((_x)*2+(_y)/4) => #define GET_ADDR_FROM_X_Y(_x,_y) ((_x)*4+(_y)/4)

Hope this helped