Android - ADK DemoKit example not working

I followed Accessory Development Kit 2011 Guide which has been given by Android Developer.

1). Installed the Arduino software and necessary libraries correctly.

2). Installed the firmware to the ADK board correctly.

3). Compiled and built the DemoKit Android application correctly.

4). Installed DemoKit Android application to the android phone.

Here I used sony ericsson xperia arc lt15i phone to test this DemoKit. Although I connected ADK board and Android phone correctly it always display “Please connect a DemoKit board” Could you please help me to find the issue point of above steps?

Is there any issue with the sony ericsson xperia arc lt15i usb features. I was able to find accessory list of android application is always giving null.

I can tell you the posible problem but not the solution. If you are using android 4.1 or higher, they use the version 2 of the usb protocol. The arduino adk with the example code can only be used with protocol 1. The solution seems very easy, a few code lines and change the library's .

I have the same problem and I haven't fixed yet. Anyone can help ?