Android and NMEA sentences

Hi guys,
Ive been up for 3 days trying to solve this issue.

I want my Android Nexus 5 (ver 4.4.4) to show the GPS position in the AlpineQuest app or any other mapping app.

For this purpose I used the USB/OTG interface inorder to communicate with Arduino, the Arduino UNO has a GPS module connected.
I am reading the NMEA sentences perfectly from it.

The output of the Arduino Serial looks like this:


If I connected the Arduino with android (using usb), I will able to see the same message and same structure when I use the command:

cat /dev/ttyACM0

If I used ANY usbTogps application, I noticed that none works, this gives me the assumption that something looks wrong in the NMEA sentences, else why the apps would fail to translate it into GPS points.
Android apps I used (GNSS command , UsbGps, YAH-GPS).

(Note: From the PC, I will be able to show those fixes in GOOGLE-EARTH , using the GPS realtime feature.)

I appreciate any guidance or if someone has been in my shoes before, thanks alot and hope I made the issue clear.

Thanks again.

I am confused what this has to do with the Arduino.

Hey ieee488,

Well for the first instance, you are absolutely right but developer to developer speaking, I know that you do understand my situation, specially when you spend alot of time trying to debug where the issue is coming from.
Frustration would make you spread the issue on internet hoping that someone been there and could afford help.

After all, its an Arduino project in the first place and Android is just a terminal.

I would like to add to my case, that while displaying the output on the Android terminal, I noticed an extra line break between each line, although this line break does not appear in my Arduino SerialMonitor.

I still have no clue what the problem is even if isn't Arduino.

You could just use a TTL Serial-to-USB converter (aka FTDI) to connect the GPS device to the Nexus, instead of an Arduino in the middle. Is the Arduino doing anything with the NMEA stream besides forwarding each character to Serial?