Android app for communicating with Bluetooth LE & Bluetooth Classic modules

Hi everyone,

I made an app for Android that can be used as a terminal to communicate with low cost Bluetooth modules like HM-10 and HC-05. The app's main features include:

• An easy way to communicate with low cost Bluetooth modules in your Arduino project
• Supports sending and receiving text and numeric values
• Supports Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth Classic
• Can communicate with up to two Bluetooth modules at the same time
• Communication data can be saved directly to your Dropbox account for further analyzing

Currently the app supports the following Bluetooth modules (will be testing compatibility for other modules as well in the future):

• HM-10, HM-11, BlueDuino, BlueDuino Rev2, ABBLEShield, HC-05, HC-06, JY-MCU

Check it out here: Bluo