Android app to input a code to rotate a servo via bluetooth - Is this possible?

Hi, for my first semester Arduino class's final project, I want to create an android app that can communicate with an Arduino Uno to rotate a servo motor when a code is typed in. Is this possible? We've only just started learning about Serial Communication but we still have almost a month until our project is due. My main question today is what kind of bluetooth chip do I need to get for this project to be feasible? will this one from Amazon work? Thanks for your help!

You can use the HC05 or HC06 for bluetooth. What do you know about servos ? Tell us what can you do with serial ?


Thanks! I made a similar program for my midterm project using a keypad to rotate a servo when the correct combination is entered. This project would just be an extension of that one to make the communication wireless.

Adjustify: will this one from Amazon work?

Yes. It is an HC-06. As the ad says, it is a

Drop-in replacement for wired serial connections, transparent usage

The rest is an Android problem.