Android application for control your arduino board

I create many android applications for control your arduino via bluetooth or usb from web,sms,call.For example with IO Web Bluetooth apk you can control from web browser your arduino with android as modem infos visit my site for all my projects.

Continued spamming for his web site.

Do not spam.I just want to present my hard work for my android apps for arduino projects!

Do not spam.I just want to present my hard work for my android apps for arduino projects!

As your post simply promote your web site and generally do not provide any code or direct help in this forum, then the below area may be a better place for your post. If you are actually providing help to others in the forum, you might consider adding the link to your site in your signature file.,29.0.html

can i hire you in the future to write a droid app to control my camper.
2 microphones
2 temperature sensors
2 load sensors
1 water level sensor
12 lights
1 thermostat
1 voltage sensor
1 current sensor
1 relay

Yes arduino friend with my applications or projects you can do it!!!You can add and android camera!!!

Please help some newbies to Android here and post some code snippets or tutorials.

Did you use the USB host shield or Andorid ADK mega or google adk?

Many Thanks

Yes.I create an android application for control arduino with USB shield . My apk is IO Web Usb and the link is .This apk convert android to modem for arduino.
In the future i will create tutorial and explain code!

I don't want to control anything. I would just like my Android tablet to read an existing datastream. My laptop can read it OK so there is nothing wrong at the Arduino end.

The Android can see linvor OK but I have never been able to read anything using BlueTerm etc.

Hello arduino friend.You need only receive data from arduino+bluetooth send to android back...Try my bluetooth terminal work for me i test it with my sketch SUPER IR ANDROID APPLICATIONS - ARDUINO PROJECTS via serial pins 0,1 send 1 wait...and reply 25...You must put android near shield better...Do you have pair devices with android?Check the cable connection Tx,Rx....

Does your app IO web usb uses http client? Can you post the source code? I have made an app that makes http get requests to a server. The problem is that it reads the data stored at the txt file only once.