Android Arduino APP phone compatibility

A heads up and caution for those wishing to use a android phone to manage their Arduino project;

In March 2014 "MakeUseOf" published a good article on this topic;

The analysis was done using an ipad and the author selects "Android Manager" by Fabrizio Boco as the go-to product. Unfortunately this app currently crashes the Galaxy note 3. I have every reason to believe from my discussions with the developer that this is a localized anomaly, but I suggest that if you are an android user, that you have the ability to determine compatibility within the 2 hour refund limit offered by Google. Even though this product did not work for me, hats off to Fabrizio Boco who stood by his product, offered superior technical advice and excellent customer service at every step of the way. I wish all developers were this responsible and trustworthy.

And what about Arduino Total Control I'm in a way to build large home automation project and looking for solution how to connect Arduino to my Android phone and tablet. It's there any other useful apk.