Android arduino connection problems?

Hi there, I am a newbie at programming, own a Arduino Uno and would like to do some pwm.(eventually)(3 phase even)

It seems to me I have trouble connecting, the L led is blinking in a 1 second delay loop.

Also I find it extremely frustrating that I can't seem to write the blink program correctly, (expected ; } combo or something), error code 2:82: wich I sadly can not find a meaning to.

I am using Arduinodroid from Anton Smirnov, on a android device with recent updates done.(I got no other system, only the android), I am trying to connect by usb, is this even possible? Or should I try bluetooth.

How should I negotiate this... Boggle..?

At a rough guess that's the line number and error code. Perhaps if you posted the full error message, and your code (in code tags please) then perhaps someone may be able to help you.

Thank you for your reaction, I just found out that the first number does refer to the line number, and the second does refer to caracter position. (I did forget to place a ;)