android arduino lamp

hi everyone
i want to make an home automation using app android to control my relay (lamp).
but i'm very amateurish for app android
please give me advice and input for app android (example coding for app android)
i'm waiting ur help
thank u

Start from ArduinoBlinkLED here:
GitHub - Lauszus/ArduinoBlinkLED: Source code to use with: What hardware for communication you are intent to integrate?

i can help you with some basic things for home automation.

Arduino BLUETOOTH Communication with PC :- Embedded Systems: bluetooth

arduino relay interfacing (to connect fan or bulb):- Embedded Systems: relay

If you are plannig to use an Arduino Ethernet (either the official or cheap ENC28J60 shield) you can try this app

that works with this code on the Arduino

Is a library, just load the first example on your Arduino (you should have some care for the configuration file) and all things will work automatically.