Android+Arduino=Ultimate dash (I hope)

So looking for some input here as currently I have no experience with arduino but am very keen to learn if it will suit my needs.
I have been reading up in multiple places about people using arduino to measure temperatures and pressure in vehicle applications and believe it could be the answer to alot of my needs.

I have a 4wd vehicle that is in need of an update of its instrumentation so here is what I am currently thinking, would really like to know how feasible it is or what changes may be required to make it more feasible.

Basically I would like to construct an arduino unit to take the place of multiple gauges using an lcd display would also like a light to come on and buzzer to sound when temperatures or pressures are outside a pre defined limit.

Some gauges I have currently thought of that it could replicate
Oil Temp, Water Temp, Transfer Case Temp, Front Diff Temp, Rear Diff Temp, Cylinder Head Temp, Pyrometer(EGT) Temp, Low Coolant Level, Vacuum/Boost of turbo, Oil Pressure, Volts, Fuel Level, Boost controler, Battery Isolator/Duel battery setup

I currently have a great app on my phone called hema maps which I use for gps mainly when off road and plan on imstalling a 7" tablet in my dash for this purpose so if its possible to make arduino output to that it would be great or would I need to install a second monitor for such a purpose.

Looking for input from others for this as currently I have no experience but think I should buy a starter kit and start exploring unless others have a better solution for me.

It should be do-able

Search the forum there are lots of people that use the Arduino in their cars, and bikes including some race cars etc.

In terms of your requirements....

Firstly the input from the sensors.

You will need to measure the voltages that come from all of these sensors (and go into your existing display).

They may be voltages e.g. for oil pressure 8 V could = 50psi etc, but you'd need to determine what voltage matched with what values

Its also possible that these are not just voltages, the values could be conveyed by different currents from these devices, but it seems less likely.

As you are not reading RPM's etc you will probably not be reading pulses, but its hard to know what data comes from the sensors until you take a detailed look.

As you have a lot of inputs, the smaller Arduino's e.g. Uno, won't have enough analog inputs, you'd need to use a Mega2560 which is bigger and has more analog inputs


Re: Display etc

I'm playing with using a cheap Android tablet as a display myself at the moment (though I've not had time to do much)

The easiest connection is via bluetooth, but if the tablet you intend to use doesnt have bluetooth, its possible directly connect via USB if the tablet support OTG aka USB Host. Most tablets seem to have this even if its not in their spec.
I found my $50 7inch tablet had this feature, I just needed to buy $2 cable to plug into its normal USB port.

I was then able to connect to the Arduino.

However unless you are a Android developer, I suspect getting something that looks good on the tablet may be a steep learning curve.

To be honest, if you've not used the Arduino before or don't regularly mess around with electronics it will also be a steep learning curve