Android + Arduino via USB

i'm trying to communicate with Arduino board (Duemilanove) from Android 3.1 device with USB-host support using Android USB Host API.

The goal is to communicate with the board in the same way as via Serial.

I follow this manual ( but have few problems (f.e. failed to claim interface) and of coarse dev guide ( but no luck.

The questions are:

  1. how to prepare arduino board (modify firmware) - interruptions or smth?
  2. how to check if it's okay with arduino board (f.e. enumerate USB interfaces and verify that it supports needed. what tools can be used?
  3. how to find needed interface (what are interface class/protocol/subclass)
  4. what can be the reason when interface cannot be claimed? (faced with that)

Thanks in advance

I've found USB library with demo app, that enables USB-to-Serial support: and probably can help in my case. Did somebody try it? How does it work?

I've read in some forums that android linux kernel should be recompiled or smth to support that.

Few answers can be found here:

Well, now USB support (USB and ADK) is finally available in the app. Read for details here:,91261.msg875134.html#msg875134