Android BLE phone app

Reviewers, please relocate if this is not the right forum.

I have recently acquired a Nano 33 IoT as I need to become more familiar with BLE for an upcoming job. I will also try to pick up Bluetooth Classic and WiFi along the way.

So I am asking for recommendations for BLE apps for Android phones. Not that is matters but phone is 2021 Moto G Power w/ Android 11.


Apps to do what?

nrfConnect is a good place to start.

Terminal app.

Apps to use with Arduino BLE/classic/wifi projects.

Cool beans, I'll break something for sure with that.


Good hit, thanks.

Apps to use with Arduino BLE/classic

For BT classic, I recommend Kai Morich's Serial Bluetooth Terminal.

The Morich terminal app can be used with BLE if the peripheral is running the Nordic UART service.

Noted, looks good. Thank you.