Android -> Bluesmirf unable to connect

Hi all,

I am using an arduino+bluesmirf and trying to connect via bluetooth to my android nexus one. I am working off the BluetoothChat example for Android and have confirmed that I can connect two phones to one another via bluetooth and custom code.

I have connected my bluesmirf to arduino and using my laptop have confirmed that I can pair to the bluesmirf and can received data from the arduino on the laptop.

I have verified that I can pair the android phone with the bluesmirf.

All is looking good until I try to actually connect the two devices. I continue to get an ‘unable to connect’ notification. I have also followed Jeff Boody’s tutorial here: and am unable to connect that way.

Have others had success with this? Is there something that I might be overlooking in my setup?

I guess on curiosity is that when I pair with the bluesmirf, I am not prompted to enter a passcode. This leads me to believe that it only thinks that it is paired, but it isn’t getting all the way there somehow.

Any suggestions for where I might look to troubleshoot?


I've had similar issues trying to pair my droid (aria) to almost any BT device- I'll have to tap and forget it 2 or 3 times before it asks for passcode. Not sure when firmware you are on, but I haven't had the issue yet on 2.2, only 2.1.

Yeah, I was wondering about something like that, but I'm running Android 2.3.4 on a Nexus One and have also tested on a Droid X. Same behavior on both. I'm also able to connect to other devices without an issue.

Are others able to connect Android -> Bluesmirf + Arduino? I'm not sure if the issue is something on my end or if it's on the device, or where the issue might be coming from.

Thanks in advance!