Android Bluetooth colour selection


I've been looking for way to use an Android device, communicating with Bluetooth, to control a bunch of RGB LEDs attached to a Uno. The LEDs etc are working, and I can send numeric input via a terminal emulator to control them. But, all the Android colour pickers I've found don't work. The MultiColourLamp tutorial, the Amarino ambient light experiment being two I've tried. I'm looking for something like a standard Windows colour picker for example, that actually looks nice. I have seen too (somewhere) that a Bluetooth connection can be made to act as a TCP/IP socket which might broaden the tools available.

ATM the LEDs just respond to a single digit in a big switch statement, I can change that to whatever it needs to accommodate the colour picker.

I know the next step for me is the Android SDK and some more learning, but I'm in need of some positive feedback, having just got Bluetooth working with a little HC-05 module I need something a bit more than numbers in a terminal :slight_smile:

In desperation, even one working slider would do, it could control hue and I can figure out HSV -> RGB keeping S and V constant.