Android Control of Relay Board

I am brand new to Arduino. I have a project in mind. I have seen many people use the Arduino to allow Android devices control appliances using a Bluetooth module and a relay board. I want to do he same, but instead of just on and off I need a couple of the relays on the board to be momentary, as they will be controlling slide motors in my 5th wheel. The hard wired switch for them is a rocker on-off switch and wish to duplicate that.

My question is can that be done in a sketch or can that be done if I build an app in MIT app inventor.

how long is momentary? if tens of milliseconds reed relays would be suitable

Lots more details needed on what you're trying to do as from this description I have no clue. Photos, schematics and other visual information can help a lot.

Does it have to be Android or do you just need wireless. If you just want wireless, look for a wireless winch controller on E-Bay. Dirt cheap and work very well.