Android doesn't power Arduino on via USB

Hi everyone,

I was wondering why I'm unable to connect my Android mobile phones to my Arduino via USB. I've tested with a Motorola XT920 and also with another one from LG, and when I plug them at Arduino via USB, the Arduino doesn't power on. I have activated Developer Mode and USB host at both of them, but no good. But using an Android tablet everything works fine. Does anyone knows why?



Most Android phones run off 3.3V , so they wont provide the 5V needed to power the Arduino.

If you want to do this, connect the phone and the Arduino via a externally powered USB hub.

Thank you mauried!

I have a doubt in this regard, when I connect Arduino and my phone to an external USB hub, device won't act as USB host.

I fact it takes power from hub.

And can a achieve communication by powering Arduino through 12 v barrel pin and connecting USB to my android phone.?