Android GPS to Arduino


I have an Android phone that I would like to access GPS data from, and the write to my Arduino FIO. The connection can be usb, no need to make them communicate via zigbee.

My question is do I need to pick up a IOIO board, or is there a cheaper alternative to getting the lat/lon/orientation data from Android to Arduino via USB?


I think I remember seeing something in the Android developer site about configuring the Android USB as a USB host - I suspect there are apps out there that use this for simple serial connection - if there's one in the Android examples then you could add GPS code to that example?

I think here the best available thing would be write your Android App or Use the Amarino its opensource and it already configures android to send values to Arduino, so edit this code to add a GPS library in the code and implement storing of gps data in variables that can be then further sent via. Bluetooth to your arduino.This is the best because you have something to start with as you not start baseless , you atleast have a communicating facility with this option you just need to gather GPS data and send it using the respective library.

for this you need to have some development experience in Eclipse with JAVA only as c++/c is not supported as core modules under android development.
Even if you want to implement what MarkT is saying then also you need to develop in Eclipse or other Android supported IDE in mainly JAVA only.

I was wondering how to setup this library to be able to use MibroBridge with this hardwares. I am really new to such topics.
First, I tried to directly call the library from the Arduino "IDE", setting teensy as hardware, but there is a lot of compilation issues.