Android OS and XBee communication

Hi, I wanted to know if we can send commands from a cell with android operating system to a arduino to move a motor, using a XBee module as Rx on arduino. What I'm trying to do is control a car using my phone, so far I've been using my computer communication connected to an XBee module and Hyperterminal as Tx, and the car with an Arduino and XBee as Rx, but for presentation at school I will not be able to use my laptop, any ideas?

using a XBee module as Rx on arduino.

Are you serious? Does your phone operate on the same frequency as the XBee? Does it use the same protocol to exchange information?

Android cannot directly communicate with the XBEE due to totally different wireless technologies. However you can use your Android device to indirectly interact with an xbee arduino. You would need a xbee explorer attached to a PC via USB. This will allow your PC to send commands through the xbee to your arduino. Then you would need a web interface on the pc which would display a normal webpage to anything including your android device.

Here is an article that shows a way using Apache and PHP to communicate with an xbee via a webpage