Android phone communicating with several arduino boards

I plan to connect my android phone to an arduino board(master) through bluetooth and then have that board connected to several other arduinos(slaves) using xbee.

  1. Can I have both a bluetooth board and an xbee board connected connected to the one arduino?
  2. Can I establish 2way communication between the master arduino and the slave ones? (I assume yes). My follow up question to that is can I communicate to a specific slave?

The point of my project is to have my Android phone send commands(serial data) to many different arduinos and to be able to choose which board receives it. This would be used for let's say something simple as turning on a light with one arduino or something more complicated such as changing the channel on the TV using another arduino.

I realise that I can use multiple arduinobt boards, however that would cost too much.

Thank you,