android program


I need the Android program to receive and pronounce the data from the Arduino board via the Bluetooth.


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There are many Bluetooth terminals in the Play Store.

If one can't find a canned solution on the Android App Store, App Inventor is a web-based Android application development environment.

App Inventor is fairly easy to learn, well supported by tutorials, and there are many examples available on the internet including typical interfaces to common Arduino bluetooth devices. Unlike the "real" Android development tools, it's targeted to novice programmers.

While, in the interest of simplicity, it has limitations, App Inventor supports Bluetooth serial communications like the HC-05 and it supports test to speech which should satisfy the subject requirement.

There are many Bluetooth terminals in the Play Store.

Give me a program name?

Give me a program name?

If you are incapable of searching the play store yourself then a project like this is WAY over your head.