Android smartfone + arduino with web page an audio cable

A very interesting project that allows you to use a phone and a browser in it, as a means of displaying control and transferring data together with devices by connecting with only one audio cable, you can bring the microphone and speaker close to each other without it.

A ready-made sketch is put on arduino (GitHub - arms22/SoftModem: Audio Jack Modem Library for Arduino), and a page with a demo display and transfer code can be downloaded to the phone.
You can alter the page for yourself, make buttons for turning on / off ports, displaying ADC data, pressure temperature speed, drawing indicators, whatever, since this is a regular HTML page with JS. To increase the possibilities, you can use TASKER + Webview
JS scripts work locally on your computer and phone, you just need to save the page to yourself.
(works in google chrome like browsers, does not work in FereFox, did not understand why)
For a page to work offline on your phone, you need to save this page on your computer, for example, in the webjack folder.
The contents of the folder should be like this:
WebJack_files folder
Should contain the following files:
(I saved via FireFox because google chrome didn't want to save the page with all files)

After that, copy this folder to the internal storage of the phone.
Then open google chrome, write in the address bar of the browser: file: // sdcard / or file: // mnt / Find the webjack folder and launch WebJack.htm

Press button 'Click to begin using WebJack'
type 1234 and press button 'Send'

For test, open page on 2 phopes or 1 computer+1 phone (or 1 computer conect IN-OUT audio connectors or move the microphone and speaker closer to each other)
See vidos

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