Android Step Sequencer (ASS)

That is a great name :)

It just came to me while sitting down...

That explains it :) Sorry, I just could not resist...

Seriously, I took the time to watch the video. Really nice device and quite compact compared with monome-style sequencers I saw so far. I bookmarked your page, I may build one for myself in the future.

Well I think I'm guilty of making the largest monome clone ever (sofar).

This could be smaller still if you build it.

I'm ofcourse dyslectic

I'm meaning Arduino not Android.

I am not perfect either :) I did not notice the name "Android" and, nevertheless, I did not think you meant "Arduino". The important thing is that the words stick together and make an easy-to-remember acronym. Keep up the good work.

hi, ive got all my bits on a breadboard, now to compile i had to rename include rotaryEncoder.h to RotaryEncoder.h, now RotaryEncoder.cpp gives error on line 68?? any hints? very new to arduino. thanks.