Android tablet USB master to Arduino

I'm still having no luck getting my cheap Android tablet to connect to an Uno.

The tablet has USB master, and you can plug a keyboard in - which works fine.

But it does not seem to detect the Uno, if I open a terminal on the Android and do ls /dev/tty, I just see a big list of devices - but nothing that stands out as being the Uno.

I was hoping to write an Android app (I can do that bit) to talk over USB to the Uno.

Anyone got any ideas on how I find the device? Anyone got this to work?

Plan B iss an ethernet shield, but it would be good if it could work over USB.

The tablet and the Arduino are both USB Slaves..

Not this one (Zenithink ZT-180).

ARM Cortex-A8 Processor 1GHz+ ARM11 clocked to 1GHz
2GB Flash Memory
microSD memory card slot up to 32GB
10.2” TFT ,1024×600 RESISTIVE Touchscreen Display
WiFi support
1-USB 2.0 Host port and 1-USB 2.0 OTG port
2400 mAh battery (5-7 hours battery life)
Built in stereo speakers 1Wx2
1080p video playback support
Google Maps
and of course an Android 2.1 operating System

Hi, i’m also interested in this issue.
My Archos 101 IT has an USB-Host but only MSC:

• USB slave 2.0: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
• Full size USB host: Mass Storage Class (MSC)

When i connect the Arduino or other USB-Serial-Adapters the devices are registered but only as usbdev2.2_ep00 and usbdev2.2_ep81 …
(terminal ls /dev)
I think it’s because of the MSC only.

What you need are the drivers to simulate a serial port.... if you want to go in a sort of backwards way. You could search for FTDI drivers and you would notice there is a Linux one but no android. of course, UNO did away with the FTDI chip but it's a point of reference anyway.

It seems a little backwards to me, however to train Android to recognize serial ports. I think the way forward is custom Software on the UNO (on the chip that interfaces to the USB) to create some kind of device other than a serial port. For ideas on that search the USB specifications to see what device would be appropriate... HID?

another active forum that does a lot of 'hacking' is the Ubuntu forums; They do not talk about Uno but maybe they dip into Android.

I know this is not any kind of answer but maybe I have given you some ideas of where to research the topic.

It seems, that my Archos 101 IT recognizes the USB-Serial Converter. When connnecting a FTDI or in these case a Prolific 2303 Adapter the Systemlog shows the following:

Under the /dev folder 4 new devices are shown, but not the expected USBTTYx device:

That's interesting, JStein. I'll try out my serial convertor later, I'm not hung up on the Arduino end being USB.

For the Android software Dzewnkis on the Arduino LinkedIn group found this:

I got the apk and the source code. And as you might expect, it opens a stream on the tty device, that you select from a list, taken as a directory listing. All fine and good but the Uno doesn't show up. Curses!

A question to any Linux users out there, how is an Uno usually named in /dev ? There are so many devices listed, I may just be not seeing the wood for the trees.

-- My book:

Well, yes my Serial adapter appears in the device list as ttyUSB0 (usb serial).

But sadly when I go to 'Console' on the Serial port test app, I get an exception 'You do not have read / writer permission to the serial port'.

Looking at the source for the serial library, it does attempt to 'su' before opening the port, but without a password. Looking at:, it seems that they have removed su BUT you can put it back.

I don't have time to do that now. I'll post again when I have had a chance to try it.

you have root access to the tablet?

The development tool is available from Android 2.3 or later.

here is the link for the project...

Did anyone connect an Arduino Mega device to a Android 2.1 - 2.2 using a reading/writing App ?


Were you ever able to get the tablet to talk to the Uno?