Android talking to Arduino

Hi, I have an Arduino Uno Board that is connected to my PC via USB and I also have an Android Galaxy SII phone, that I need my Android Application to read data from the Arduino Board using the Pc's Bluetooth or any possible way, I was told to use Kies air and I still can't understand how, is I am not getting anywhere and not figuring out how to let the application get data from the Board, any help?
P.S I don't have a bluetooth shield connected to the board !

these may help

Well i tried using these apps but i keep getting Bluetooth Serial Port connection failed !!

I might be able to help you, i've made my robot communicate with an Android Galaxy tablet + arduino uno via bluetooth. I can show you where to go and I can give you a sample code that helped me.

P.S I don't have a bluetooth shield connected to the board !

Problem to be solved first if you like to have it wireless from Android to arduino.

Any bluetooth modul made for Arduino will work like:

Then the previous mentioned Arduino Commander app will work.


see my github for how i talked to an arduino, complete with app code for android. take what you want, just give credit if you do.