Android USB Audio Integration

Hi everyone,
I really hope this question was not asked before because I couldn't find any information on this topic. I just got my Arduino Due in today and I can't wait to out that DAC to good use :slight_smile:
I've heard that there is a Android USB Audio included in Android V4+ and you should be able to grab the audio out out of any android device sporting V4+
I was wondering has anyone attempted this task? any advice or direction of attack would be greatly appreciated as I'm barely diving into this project that seems really cool. for more information please visit:

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance


I think this is a starting spot:

In the keynote, Google even showed an Arduino MEGA-based board for doing I/O. This should theoretically be open source hardware, though we don’t yet have specifications or code. Based on the way it was described, I would imagine other Arduino boards would work, too, at least with modification.

The official stuff is here:

I have no idea or reference for how any of this would relate to the Due.


I am trying to do the same (usb audiointegration) with arduino mega adk and there is enough documentation neither. Any working example?