Android widget connected via the web to Arduino

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I've recently got an HTC Hero android phone, downloaded the Android SDK, done a bit of reading, followed a few tutorials and came up with this.

Its a simple widget taking the simple xml served by my ongoing Arduino project and displaying the time, date and temperature in the house and outside. It updates once an hour to get the latest values. If you are wondering the temperature inside was during the day with the heating off as I dont feel the cold that much and the wife and kids were out.

Its a very simple widget, not very pretty, but it does the job and could be easily expanded or made prettier. Details here:


This looks pretty sweet :stuck_out_tongue: if only I had my Arduino already or any knowledge of working the Android SDK, it seems to be a big pain in the rear for me. And then, I’m even studying Java in school :expressionless:

The handy thing about android development is the sdk includes a virtual android device. So you can play and learn even if you don't have a fancy smartphone. And its a free download to plug into eclipse. No paying for developer licences. Unlike some worm wriddled device sdk's I could mention. It's an Ideal companion to arduino projects when you need a remote front end to your project.


I just bought a T-Mobile G1 today; while I doubt I'll have any time to develop (and learn how) Android/Arduino apps, it is nice to see someone taking the approach. Great job! :)