Is it possible to communicate with arduino over an android tablet?

I have a project where I want to have a rfid reader, which reads in the id of the person, then the person select an item on the tablet screen and then I want to move some motors.

Or is there a better way to solve this task?


Yes it's possible. As in, "HELL YES! When can I afford and Android tablet!" Android and Arduino - made for each other.

You don't need a tablet, phones running 2.3.4 also have this functionality, for example, Nexus S, Nexus One, possibly others. You don't need "official" ADK hardware either - I made my USB library compatible with ADK code, so you can use standard components -> Here is another blog talking about running ADK on standard Arduino/USB Host Shield combo ->

skatun: Is it possible to communicate with arduino over an android tablet?

I've had success with an Android 2.3.4 phone (the Nexus One) using the USB Host Shield library as mentioned (and created!) by @felis.

I created the Handbag project as a way to get started more easily. It allows you to do all the "work" on your Arduino and just display the user interface (created on the Ardiuno) using a pre-made Android application.

So you could use your Arduino to read the RFID tag, update the display and then move the motors when an item is selected on the display.


Hi, i do not have the answer for a simple solution, but i did make sth similar before, with a lot of extra hardware:

1 arduino 2 stronglink rfid reader 3 ethernet shield

The arduino is connecting to both 2 and 3, and thus it is on an ethernet network. A pc or an android device can then communicate with the network with tcp/ip, and thus giving it rfid capability.

Again it is definitely NOT optimized solution. :P