Animatronic servos

Hello,some time ago i biuilt a robot head with 2 servo but now question how do i made it move to sync with music or text. DISCLAMER i use arduino nano every and raspberry pi pico.

Either you do some serious timing on the Arduino or you control it with a normal Raspberry Pi instead and use a Python script.

By "normal raspberry pi" you suggest raspberry pi zero ?

You can use MSGEQ7 for example to split your music in 7 channels and animate it in 7 different ways or mix and match

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Probably, yes.

EDIT - I don't know anything about Python, and only know about the computer side of RPi rather than the programming side, so I can't really help you if you decide to go this route. Try chatting on the RPi forum. They're pretty helpful.

I don't know what he meant, but a "normal" PI would not be a zero.

I just meant not a Pico LOL.

Guys nevermind i just bought servo controler 6 channel with sequence set

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