Animatronic Skull

Using four Servos and a bunch of RGB LEDs I made this Animatronic Skull

Full details are in the MagPi No. 38 October 2015 out tomorrow. Free to download.

While the write up is for a Raspberry Pi, I used the Arduino to prototype it, the Pi just adds a GUI interface. Anyway the video is here:-

Meet Mulder

Creepy...But in an awesome way. :smiling_imp:

Excellent work Mike!

I looked on Ebay and it appears to cost around $30 total to get one of those skulls to the USA. I wish it was a little less. I will have to keep a look out for a skull like that though!

Your projects are always interesting, keep it up! Mark

Here is the link to the Magazines announcement, down load links off that.


Maybe add some mist out of the mouth.

Thanks. I could do but the skull is a bit full.

Based on one of your relatives? :) :) :)


No one of yours. :wink:

Is it going to be commercially available? :sunglasses:

No. Considering it too me the best part of a month to make it I am not sure it is viable.

No one of yours. :wink:

Can’t be, too good looking! :slight_smile:

Nice project.



My favourite quote from the Goons show was "gad the head of a skull, must be a woman, the mouth's open"

I love the Goons. Fantastic lunacy that taught many a comedian about humour.

Unfortunately a lot of it is not "politically correct " these days.