[ANN] ArduinoTap : an Unit Testing library


ArduinoTap is a port of the Perl5 module Test::More. It uses the Test Anything Protocol as output, that allows a compatibility with the Perl QA ecosystem.

It allows a simple end efficient way to write tests (without OO).

An additional script 'runino' allows to build a sketch, to upload it, and to capture its output. So, it's possible to run a fully automatized test suite on device.

The library is hosted on Github : http://github.com/fperrad/ArduinoTap.

Patch, feedback are welcome.



I had a quick look in the repository on GitHub.

My one suggestion would be to change the example code in https://github.com/fperrad/ArduinoTap/blob/master/MANUAL.md to put the test code in setup() rather than loop() then you don't need to worry about the prospect of looping.