ANN: Free program to read data, store in CSV

The good news: There's a free program for Windows you can just download and use.

The bad news: You have to have a web server set up somewhere, presumably, faithful Arduino Forum User, set up on an Arduino, but it doesn't matter... AS LONG AS... there is a very specifically formated line in the html, in a specific place, in what the server returns when you access it.

There's only any point to the program if that line holds readings from sensors.

The program is rough... but it works.

The program harvests the webpage once a minute, fetches the data content, saves the data in a machine-readable CSV file, consisting of many records. (It doesn't create separate data files for each record! It DOES start a new data file each time you restart the program, and it automatically date/time stamps them. It is rough... but not hopeless!)

It is at....

Sample of records... The header is part of the datafile. Only the last four fields are data from the webpage. The rest is date and time of record, in alternative formats.

Data is as follows...
Date and time of record (these two repeat, with less precision)
... and then the other data of the record...
cccc,stttt,aaaa,bbbb, where....
c is clicks of Arduserver since last boot,
stttt is temperature: s=sign (+/-), tttt is tture in centidegrees C
aaaa is reading from 1 ADC, probably outdoor light level
bbbb is reading from second ADC, probably level of light on LED.