[ANN] Workshop at CNMAT Sept. 13, 14 and 15, 1-5pm: OpenMusic

CNMAT presents:

OpenMusic Workshop September 13, 14 and 15, 2013 1-5 pm Instructor: Jean Bresson , IRCAM Location: CNMAT, 1750 Arch St., Berkeley Fee: $250 general/$200 students To reserve a space, contact Richard Andrews: richard@cnmat.berkeley.edu


This workshop will introduce the basic notions of computer-aided composition and provide participants with training in the OpenMusic environment.

OpenMusic (OM) is a visual programming language designed for music composition. Heir to a tradition of computer-aided composition research and environments it is currently one of the principal platforms for composition and contemporary music research in the design and implementation of formalized compositional processes.

This workshop will cover the basics of visual programming in OM, and then move towards more advanced programming concepts and applications. The basic musical editors and data structures of the environment will be presented in different musical contexts ranging from basic data generation or processing to more advanced compositional situations.

Programming notions to be covered will range from basic abstraction and procedures to more advanced concepts such as higher-order functions or iterative processes, with the objective to help participants to become familiar with programming and be able to apply computer formalisms and algorithmic techniques to musical problems.

Advanced sessions will explore the relationship between audio signals and symbolic representations, facilitated by dedicated sound processing engines, interchange formats, and symbolic processing tools. A number of OM libraries for sound analysis, processing and synthesis will also be presented.

Jean Bresson is a researcher in the Music Representation team at IRCAM (STMS lab, Paris, France). He is in charge of research and development on computer-aided composition and involved in several projects centered on connected thematic fields such as sound analysis, synthesis, and spatialization. He is currently the principal developer of OpenMusic and he created or contributed to an important number of specialized tools and libraries for this environment. He is also the author of numerous scientific publications and co-edited, with Carlos Agon and GĂ©rard Assayag, a series of books on computer-aided composition and the use of OpenMusic.