[announce] — Arli — a CLI Arduino library installer/manager

It is my pleasure to announce a command line tool called arli that can be used to install Arduino libraries in a consistent location, by name, or any attributes.

To use it you must have a recent version of Ruby, and a command line. You should also have git and unzip installed.

To test it out, here is how we can install just one library:

gem install arli
arli install --name 'Adafruit GFX Library' -l ~/Documents/Arduino/Libraries

And you should have the library installed into the Adafruit_GFX folder.

But the full power is in the ability to search for libraries, and in the Arlifile — a YAML file that contains the list of libraries your project may depend on. Arli will automatically install the libraries for you with a simple command arli install in the same folder as the Arlifile.

For more information, please see GitHub - kigster/arli: Arli is the command line tool, that's both — the Arduino Library manager that's decoupled from any IDE, as well a project generator based on "arduino-cmake". By coupling dependency management with CMake-based build system, Arli provides an easy way to package, share, and distribute complex Arduino projects.

Best regards,
Konstantin Gredeskoul