[Announce] Babix a small educational preemptive multitask kernel for Due

Dear all,

Its my pleasure to make available my last little hack, Babix, a small preemptive multitask kernel for the Arduino Due. It is mostly designed to be understandable, for educational purposes. The fill source code is available on my page at:http://francois.pessaux.perso.sfr.fr/arduino.html As soon I've a bit of time, I'll try to write a PDF explaining under the hood. The code is heavily commented and I hope some people will find interesting stuff inside.

Below I enclosed the README of the archive to make things more clear. Best,

-- François

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Babix - An educational little preemptive multitask kernel for Arduino Due * Francois Pessaux 04/2015.* * This code can be freely distributed.* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Disclaimer ------------ This code is provided as is, with no obligation, no responsibility from the author. * License --------- This code can be freely distributed, modified. * What it IS ------------ - Babix is a little preemptive multitask kernel for Arduino Due. - It is mostly dedicated for educational purposes. - It is basic and simple and aims at showing the principles underlying * preemptive kernels.* - User processes must currently be endless loops. - The main user process (the standard loop () function) is ran only if there * is no other processes.* It is written in C with some inevitable assembly inlines. Even if some files are suffixed by ".cpp", it is C. The C++ is only to use Serial.print () for debug or feedback printing. The code is heavily commented with the hope this will help readers. * What it is NOT ---------------- - A complete OS - A real-time kernel - A fully optimized kernel. * What it may become or have in the future ------------------------------------------ - A bit more encapsulated. - A bit more robust. - Some synchronization primitives. - Some inter-process communication primitives. - A bit more configurable. - Really handle or replace the function delay () of the Arduino "standard * library" (currently not really respecting the delays: may be longer than* * requested).* - Allows processes to end (instead of forcibly infinite loops). - Allow processes to be suspended / restarted (a kind of status for the * processes).* - ... ??? * Other works from other people ------------------------------- - FreeRTOS (http://www.freertos.org) * A really more complex and complete real-time OS.* - ChibiOS/RT (http://www.chibios.org/dokuwiki/doku.php) * Also a really more complex and complete real-time OS.* - nisos (https://github.com/uditha-atukorala/nisos) * A basic multitasking OS written in C++ more complex than Babix.*

Dear all,

Its my pleasure to announce a new version of Babix, with few bug fixes, possibility to end processes and synchronization primitives (mutex and semaphore).

A complete course/tutorial about the basics of preemptive multitask is also now available on the same page in PDF. It details the principles and relies on the implementation of Babix.

Everything is at the same location than previously: http://francois.pessaux.perso.sfr.fr/arduino.html

– F

Francois, you are THE MAN!

Fantastic piece of work I have been waiting for!

I think this will FINALLY put Due into "industrial strength " category.

No more loop()!


Thank you Vaclav :) I'm glad you enjoy it :)

In the future, I think I will add sleepy states for processes blocked on a semaphore/mutex. Regards,

-- François

I have been reading the babix pdf, it looks interesting. I'd like to see the sources. They are not available anymore from the link above. Can I find them somewhere?

Here they are : http://perso.ensta-paristech.fr/~pessaux/alius/arduino.html

Thank you. The Makefile needed some update for ide 1.8, but have it now working...

Sorry, it's a long time I did not log in :s Yep, my old homepage is dead, so I relocated it as @ard_newbie wrote.

I'll have to update the Makefile for the new version of the SDK.