Announcement: AT24C I2C EEProm Management Library

Hi to all!!!

Related to the recent release of the project Bank 1.2 ( I’m releasing library AT24C, for reading and writing I2C EEprom memories.
Initially inspired to the AT24C1024 library ( I simplified some parts and changed the code so it can work fine with several different devices and can address more than one chip.

The library can be downloaded from the Bank 1.2 project page and is fully documented. Soon more detailed informations on I2C EEProm interfaceing with Arduino in a how-to.

Just found you Bank project and looks like just what I need, so I will check it out. I do have a question, you have pull-ups on each EEPROM chip's SDA & SCL line. My understanding is it's one set of pull-ups on the SDA & SCL lines for the whole bus, but I'm new to all of this so I could be wrong :)

If it's per chip that would be great info as I'm using 2 I2C chips now with only 1 set of pull-ups on the bus.