Announcement I2C bus EEProm multi-device board

In cooperation with electronics, we have released in these days Bank 1.2, hardware project and software library.

Bank 1.2 ( can support up to eight I2C EEPROM devices but work also if the user plug only some of these. In fact, there are several kind of I2C EEPROM that can be stacked only in four units due to their limitation in address pins (as expalined in the datasheets)

Bank 1.2 scheme is modular, so it’s not so difficult to modify it (dowloading Eagle files) inserting only the needed modules in another project. Actually Bank 1.2 is released on PCB board with eight AT24C128B devices with DIL sockets and can also be bought in kit or only the PCB.

In the Bank 1.2 project page ( you can download AT24C library, documentation, electric diagram or also buy this Arduino board.