Annoying clock

Good evening!

As part of a larger project I've been playing with a clock chip and a sure electronics matrix. I then realised I could use a relay to add a ticking sound to it, and lo! A very annoying clock :) (sorry for the particularly poor video quality, I'm using an old camera at the moment).

I've got a few more relays on order, I might add one per digit/couple of digits.

The code and hardware aren't anything special, but if anyone would like to see a schematic or the code let me know.

Wow, that IS annoying! Reminds me of my Grandparents old clock lol, now to add some weights that slowly drop and a big gong noise every 15 mins ;)

I picture them putting this in the cell of some prisoner in "the hole" or some Guantanamo inmate.


I'm improving it at the moment. It shows the day of the week every now and again... whilst keeping the tick going.

Cool idea with the relay. And a fitting name, very annoying! (I hate ticking clocks :P)