another 16x2 lcd issue. :D

Hi guys.

I bought some cheap little thing to control an 16x2 via I2C only using 2 pins (A4 and A5)

Now as far as I can read on the internet a problem has come up during an arduino update

the write (“whatever”); function has stopped working. Or almost. :slight_smile: It only displays the first character…
I know a way around this would be to just print a single character at a time… But has anyone found a fix for it yet? I can’t be the only one. I’ve seen many posts but no solves that has worked for me…


That's been solved lots of times since it came up 15 months ago or so. Here's one --> .


Thanks. I've tried about 10 different solutions... And that one doesn't work either though...
I'll just keep googling then... :slight_smile:

Here’s my (not up-to-date) list. If you can’t find an answer there then you need a different hobby.

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holy cow. that's a list. Thanks!
Why would I need a different hobby? I'm not giving up. Ultimately I'll just go back to the digital pins way...