Another Arduino LCD shield

Yet another Arduino LCD shield :wink:

But this one is available, tested and ready to use. The LCD shield uses A 16x2 HD44780 compatible LCD (White character & Blue backlight); it also has a 5-key joystick style keypad, which allows users to go through the menu, make selections etc. Moreover, to save I/O resources on Arduino, the 5-key keypad only needs ONE ADC channel to read the key values.

The LCD shield uses a modified LCD4bit library and has two examples -- one is to test & show keypad pressing on the LCD, the other is to show a temperature reading on the LCD.

The schematic and the software (modified LCD4bit library) are avaiable on my website

There is also a detailed project description at

Fig 1. LCD Keypad shield

Fig 2. LCD Keypad shield with Arduino

Fig 3. LCD Keypad shield with Arduino and the DS18B20 temperature senor (in the middle board)

Nifty, only problem i have with it is there's no hardware debouncing of switches (and software debouncing only works so well).

And Bit 0 to 3 has to go to GND.