Another Automotive Display


as this Projekt is in a presentable state, here it is, another automotive display :)

It is a ATmega328 at 16Mhz (running the Arduino Bootloader) with an 20x4LCD sitting directly on top.

The automotive part is a rugged powersupply (as it is on the MultiDisplay:

The function is to measure 8 Thermocouples (will be installed in a 6 zylinder turbocharged engine), 1 Oiltemperature, Oilpressue, Fuelpressure, RPM and Boostpressure.

To do this there is a MCP3208 to read the Analog Values, a LTC1050 amplifies the Termocouple Values what are multiplexed by a 74HC4051D.

And USB-Serial is provided by a FT232RL.

Basically it is identical with the MultiDisplay, just smaller...

It has a warning output and the LCD brightness can be adjustet over PWM.

Over the USB Port is Datalogging possible, or the Software can be upgraded. (easier for the auto-guys as to handle ISP programmers...)

Today it had its first real show off, its got the bootloader:

then the big moment, will the USB work??

YES 8)

Putting the LCD on top:

And then just loaded the MultiDisplay code (

Now i need to rework the Code that it also works on it... :roll_eyes:

Looks pretty neat. Can you post a schematic.

I’m curious about reading the TCs, I thought you need to have a cold junction reference which is what the special TC chips do.

Also the display, is that an “Electronic Assembly” unit?