Another Dallas 18B20 Problem

Hi, new to the arduino programming and i am trying to find the address of a Dallas 18B20 sensor. I downloaded the sketch from the hacktronics site, installed the onewire library and the Dallas temperature sensor library at the libraries folder, uploaded the sketch to the arduino leonardo i have but the serial screen is blank. No text, nothing (i don't have any compiler errors). I have checked the connections and used another PWM pin from the board but still nothing. I pressed the reset key at the board but still nothing. The speed settings match and disabled auto-scroll just in case. FYI i use two 2.2k resistors in series as pull up resistor since i don't have a 4.7k resistor. Any help would be appreciated.

A small update, i uploaded the code found on this page (will check later the flow of the code) and the serial monitor displays the temperature from the sensor, so the sensor is not busted

uploaded the sketch to the arduino leonardo i have

This is a longshot, but I guess that is what you need right now. I believe there are some minor differences in the code required for the Leonardo, something to do with delays. This stuff might not be there in the code for a Uno or Mega, but could be vital.