Another EMAIL thread

Hello, I am new here and not sure this is the correct forum so my apologies to the moderators and other members.

I have done some Google and Yahoo! searches on the Arduino UNO and the Wiznet ethershield, and th etopic of sending Email, or text messages has me confused.

The question is, can you send an email or text directly from the arduino via the ethernet shield. or do you need to have the Uno talk to another application(Python for example) and it does the communications?

I would love to have it all on the UNO, but so far all I have are head scratching.

Any links would be appreciated.


Here is my email example sketch in the playground. However, more and more email servers are refusing email from non-commercial ip addresses. Maybe you can use your ISP's email server as a relay.

A sms (text) message is just an email sent to your phone.

Thanks. I will review this tonight