Another Fried Mega 2560

I have quite a pile of these building up. The occasional accidental short, so on so on. They all seem to get fried at the same point. I've reconnected them a few times with solder and they usually act a bit hairry -- I replace them.

Today however I did nothing wrong. I moved my 3d printer to work, and connected it to the same computer I used last week. It failed to connect as I didn't select the right com, and I noticed it wasn't in hardware manger. The USB port was oddly warm. I look over and I see, this, again.

I have no issue buying a new one, but I want to repair this guy and the other 4 fried guys I have on my desk. How might I go about it? Also HOW THE HECK DID IT GET FRIED? All I did was plug it in, and it worked all weekend no problem.

  1. Don't change connections while powered
  2. Wear an ESD strap while handling electronics (remember, a shock you can't feel still has enough energy to destroy things.)