Another GPS sketch

Hi there.

There is the standard GPS libray sketch. Working perfect for a small programm doing one thing. But you need to put your instructions into the sketch. My programm is using this structure now. But his is not so flexible. Because I want to call more often the GPS time for my new programm I'm writing.

The TinyGPS library seems perfect, unless it is programming the GPS itself (needed to backup the GPS with my own setup). Also it's not a leightweight library. And it is slow.

But once I saw somewhere the standard GPS library programmed as a void, only returning the neccesary variables. Ofcourse I didn't save that routine for collection.

So, who has/know/seen this routine? Or is able to rewrite the standard GPS library as a void?

For my programm I need several times to call the GPS. So I'm looking for a void.