Another HX711 topis

Hi guys, I've done a lot of research about this but just can't find simple example of what i need.
Ok, I want to have system that will support N standalone load cells.
Currently every load cell that i have has it's own hx711 and it's connected to UNO each on its own input, something like this:

HX711 scale1(A1, A0);
HX711 scale2(A5, A4);
HX711 scale3(A3, A2);
HX711 scale4(13, 12);
HX711 scale5(11, 10);

What I want to achieve is either multiple standalone load cells on single hx711 ( in read time to switch which load cell is "active" ) or if that is not possible to keep having hx711 for each load cell but to use some kind of I/O Expander - PCF8575 maybe? to use I2C if it's possible? I'm not sure if HX711 can go trough PCF8575?

You could use a pair of analog switches to connect different loadcells to the HX711 perhaps?

Hey Mark,

you mean using multiplexer, like 74HC595 ? You got idea if that would work?