Another Light up Shirt

I’m trying to figure out the best way wire my custom shirt which isn’t your typical t-shirt. It’s based on a vest with a thick strip from the shoulders to the wrist. There are straps to keep it in place at the wrist and elbow on each side. The arduino and battery pack is going to be located on the side of the body at the bottom. The led lights are horizontal and at 5 different places on the arm. 1st on the shoulder, 2 on the upper arm and 2 on the lower arm. I want to use Fastled library. I could be wrong but I think I need to wire the addressable leds in serial to work with fastled library. I want to reduce the amount of wire. The only way I can think of doing this involves me running wire from the wrist of one arm to the shoulder of the the other to connect the LEDs. Any ideas on a better way to wire the shirt?

I did think about wiring each arm separately but I don’t know how that would effect the code. Does anyone have any experience with this library and using 2 different pins to control 2 LED strips? Any and all help would be appreciated.