Another problem with Utouch library and Sainsmart 7 " touch tft

I all,

I've got a problem with my touch screen.

My old touch panel was died and i have replaced it with an other but when I try calibration skecth for Utouch library the X and Y value seems to be same and anywhere I touch the screen the values dont change "4095" for X and Y.

I used Arduino due with CTE shield v1.04 and 7ich SSD1963 and XPT2046 TFT TOUCH shield.

Thanks in advance for your help

Is it a genuine CTE Due shield, or a Saincrap copy?



it’s a sainsmart but the old touchpanel worked fine.

It sounds like your new one is faulty then.



no it is fully functionnal with my touchscreen usb adaptator but when it's connected to the arduinotouch is detected but value of x and y dosn't change they are always the same