Another RGBW driver question

I've been reading the forums for a while and learnt a lot although some of the threads are quite old.

I'm looking to use an Ardunio to drive 1 or more RGBW high power LEDs (700ma each). Now i don't believe i can drive them direct from the ardunio, and i want constant current sources so i am looking for a companion driver and then to use the ardunio to control that (eventually i want to do this wirelessly). I need dimming of each channel (RGBW).

What is the current state of driver recommendations?

What frequency would the PMW dimming be running at? It needs to be high enough to avoid flicker on video cameras (which i believe to be a problem in some cases).

I've not built anything yet, i have a mountain of learning in front of me, so i'm hoping for some guidance as to which route to take up the mountain! I'm not an electronics guy although development is no problem.

Do people take a prototype done via ardunio and go into small scale production with the same electronics?

many thanks in advance paul

All you need to do is connect a few transistors to the PWM outputs on the Arduino to switch the LED colours.

I believe the PWM carrier frequency is around 400Khz, which should not effect the cameras.

Dimmable buck-pucks.

You will probably still see flicker if you move the camera or the light source rapidly.

Dimmable buck pucks

I have a 700mA buck puck from LuxDrive which uses an external pot to control brightness. You're suggesting i use four of these? Can i ask for some background why? LuxDrive do a DMX based board which does use 4 of these, so i guess i'm kind of duplicating that?

If that's the case can i control 4 pots using an ardunio? What's the best approach for that?

Many thanks! paul

If that's the case can i control 4 pots using an ardunio?

Yes you can use a digital pot or you can use PWM:-