Another search errr.. oddity

I plugged ‘posting code tags’ into site search and got forty-six :astonished: instances of @perryBebbington’s ‘How to get the best out of this forum…’ post - apparently one from each of all the different topics.

Is it just me?

Why do you consider this an oddity? PerryBebbington made a duplicate of that topic for every forum category. So I would expect any search using one of the keywords it contains to find every one of those topics.

Putting a copy in every section was a mistake as it made keeping them updated a complete pain, well, more like impossible. I should have put 1 with links to it. @pert is working on a revised version for this version of the forum. Do you want to contribute?

I dunno. I guess I just figured (assumed) somewhere in the bowels of the software there’d be a little sentinel which would catch this and say “Hey, this one is just like the previous one, I’m not printing this.”

Or something.

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